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Monday, April 8, 2013

Baghrus, (Gaston) Turkey

The original Byzantine Fortress was  constructed in the seventh century AD, and served for decades as a guardian under the Knights Templar and was finally abandoned in the 17th century.

(see more of the story in the Byzantium Blog -- JLM)

The Capture of a Fortress -- A Siege In Progress

--A fortification with the outer wall breached;

--Two siege towers with battering rams in use;

--A catapult is in the left corner of the picture;

--Four men are taking a ballista up the approach road to the fortress.

Margat Castle, Plan of the Citadel

1. Path from the outer Gate;
2. Inner Gate;
3. 12th century towers;
4. Hall;
5. Chapel;
6. NE Tower;
7. Donjon;
--The Tour de l'Eperon lies off to the North, as well as castletown.

Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

Caesaria, Israel in the 12th Century

1. Curtain Wall;
2. Moat;
3. Guard Tower;
4. Sea Gate;
5. East Gate;
6. North Gate;
7. St. Peter's Cathedral;
8. Frank's House;
9. Port;
10. Jetty;
11. Citadel.

Trenctn, Slovakia

1. Gate Tower;
2. Residential Area;
3. Gate Tower;
4. Fortified Church;
5. Lower Castle;
6. Administrative and Residential Buildings;
7. Chapel;
8. Moat;
9. Upper Castle;
10. Courtyard;
11. Keep;
12. Great Hall;
13. Lists.

Carcasonne, France

The "hoardings" projecting from the wall of the castle created an overhanging gallery.  The floors of these "hoardings" had openings from which the defenders could protect the walls from enemy assault.

Pont Ambroix, Gard Depi, France

Antibes Aqueduct

Croyland Bridge (from the Topographia Britannica)

Uex'kull - Inskile - Latvia

12th century harbor castle, founders were the Order of Tuetonic Knights.

The first stone castle erected in Latvia.

Margat Castle

This castle was aso known as "Qalaat al-Marqmb" - (Castle of the Watchtower) near Baniyas, Syria.

This fortress was a major stronghold of the Knights Hospitaller.